Why Prenatal Yoga?

Pregnant woman doing yoga

Congrats! You’re pregnant and have an amazing journey ahead of you. Whether you’re a long-practicing yogini or brand spanking new, you may be wondering what the big deal is with prenatal yoga? Why not just take regular yoga classes? Or why bother with yoga at all?


Prenatal yoga is great for many reasons. On the physical level, it’s an excellent form of safe exercise for pregnant women. It helps to stretch the muscles, soothe discomforts in your rapidly changing body and get your body ready for birth. But just as importantly, prenatal yoga helps you to relax your body and mind, connect to your baby and mentally prepare yourself for birth and beyond.


I like to remind the women in my prenatal classes that prenatal yoga is different from “regular” yoga. The entire class is built around creating a space where they feel welcome, can meet other moms, and talk and think about topics relating to this unique time in their life. A space where they can be completely present in their pregnancy and their bodies.


The time that we spend sharing our bodies with our babies is so very short. Prenatal yoga is one of the ways that you can celebrate and embrace this very special time. And maybe (hopefully!), while doing so, create a life-long habit of taking care of yourself.

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