Being in the Moment




If you’ve ever taken a yoga class you’re likely familiar with the concept of being present. Focusing on the here and now. It’s something we yoginis strive for, and it’s not always easy.


In pregnancy, trying to be in the moment can be especially meaningful, and even more challenging. Pregnancy is a time of looking to the future. Of planning and daydreaming. Of anticipating what baby’s next week of development will look like and what it will mean. Sometimes, we have screening or test results that we’re anxious about. It can be hard to stay in the moment with so much pulling us away from it.


But it’s important to try, because always looking to a time outside of the present robs you of the sweet moments of your pregnancy. Those kicks that remind you that you’re carrying a tiny human being. The tightening of your belly that lets you know that you’re getting closer to birthing your baby. The quiet moments where you talk to and connect with your baby. These are the things that bring you right into the present.


Here are some ways you can create these moments in your pregnancy:




Once a week, write down your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy. Tap in to how you're feeling in that moment. Each week reread the previous entries and compare how you feel now to how you felt then.


Create a morning or bedtime ritual 


Before you get out of bed, take a few extra moments in the morning to be present with your baby. Say good morning to your baby, and talk to him, or simply turn your awareness to your little one. Or, if nighttime works better, before bed lie down and be quiet with your baby. Inwardly listen to your baby and notice any thoughts you may have. If you’re far enough along to feel baby moving, pay attention to that.




Each day spend some time bringing your attention to your breath. Let your breath be long and deep. Direct your breath to your belly and to your baby, and imagine your breath surrounding baby with whatever feels right - love, protection, peace.


Body Scan


At least once a week, lie down and notice bring your awareness to the different parts of your body. Notice how they feel, notice your perception of these areas. What spaces feel noticeably different during this pregnancy? Subtly different? What feels the same? Start at your toes and work your way up to your head, remembering to also include your mind and thoughts in this check.




Prenatal yoga is an amazing way to be present in your pregnancy. Every pose you move into, every stretch you hold is done with consideration of your pregnancy and your baby. A woman is in a highly intuitive state during pregnancy, and she is able to more easily notice what her body is feeling and telling her, and she is more ready to respond to this information. A prenatal yoga practice is time specifically for your baby and you to be present in your pregnancy.


Take time out of your day to memorize these sacred moments, and to be present in your journey as a mother. Let yourself savour where you both are, right now. Tomorrow will be different. Next week your baby will be at a new place in their development. You will be different, you’ll have already learned more. But in this magical moment, it’s just the two of you.

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